April 19, 2014
My #NBAPlayoffs First Round Predictions…

Eastern Conference First Round -

(1) Pacers beat (8) Hawks in five games.

(5) Wizards beat (4) Bulls in six games.

(3) Raptors beat (6) Nets in seven games.

(2) Heat beat. (7) Bobcats in five games.

Western Conference First Round -

(1) Spurs beat (8) Mavericks in five games.

(4) Rockets beat (5) Trail Blazers in six games.

(3) Clippers beat (6) Warriors in six games.

(2) Thunder beat (7) Grizzlies in five games.

April 18, 2014
Days In The East… #NBAPlayoffs

2,460 Games.

Five and a half months of action.

Thirty teams playing hard every week.

Millions of fans praying for great success and health.

Sixteen playoff spots.

People will do crazy things to make the NBA Playoffs; and fortunately that time is here. As we approach Saturday, like every year we will preview the NBA’s annual tournament and ask ourselves question’s. “Will the champion’s repeat?” “If not, then who can knock them off?” “Is there a sleeper team?” “Who will take their game to the next level?”. Question’s like that can relate to both conference’s, but I feel they relate more to the East. I am very aware that the Miami Heat has won the Eastern Conference three years in a row and in the process, win the NBA Championship twice, but that hasn’t stopped other’s from questioning this team.

Didn’t they win 54 Games? Yes but that’s twelve less from last year’s total of 66. Didn’t LeBron have another good season? Yes, but it wasn’t as dominant as his previous year when he won the MVP. Isn’t Dwyane Wade ready to go? Yeah, but keep in mind he missed twenty eight games this year (the most since 2007-2008) and had his worst statistical season since his rookie year (2003-2004). When you think about that along with the Heat’s other issues (lack of consistency, health and motivation), anybody that questions the Heat, isn’t wrong at all. 

When I look at the Heat and then the rest of the conference, I truly believe this could be the year, Miami doesn’t make it out. There are two-three teams that can take Miami to the limit and beat them. Those teams are Brooklyn, Indiana and Chicago (In that exact order). All three have common traits of a opponent that beats Miami regularly: Great size, a lot of toughness, good coaching and a ability to score when it matters most. Out of the three, I think Brooklyn has all of those traits. While Indiana and Chicago does have good size, coaching and the necessary toughness, they would fall short because of their lack of scoring. For as much as I point out the question’s surrounding the champs, they still have enough offensive firepower to get the job done. Personally, I think it’s more about their health than production. If Wade can stay healthy and provides LeBron with 22+ PPG, then MIA is close to guaranteed of making the Finals. If not, it’s a different story. 

Indiana has a decent chance of doing so, but it depends on their best players. Can Paul George be the guy that took over the league in November? Can Roy Hibbert consistently be a 18/10 player? Will the Indiana bench make a difference? I’m not so sure. I know, they can lock up defensively but I need to see them go off offensively. While the focus will be on Miami (and rightfully so), there are other interesting things to look at in the Eastern Conference playoffs. For starter’s, we have some young teams entering the big stage for the first time. The Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards have finally made the playoffs after a long drought, respectively. Thanks to good, young talent like Kyle Lowery, John Wall, DeMar DeRozan and Bradley Beal, these often struggling franchise’s were able to turn the corner and make the big dance.

But they weren’t the only surprise teams in the East. The Charlotte Bobcats were able to make it too! Thanks to Coach Clifford and All Star caliber players Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson, we will finally see playoff basketball in Charlotte after a few year drought. Even though I’m excited for all three, I can’t say I’m optimistic about their chances of advancing. They all have a first round match-up that features a tough, experienced team. The Bobcats face Miami, Toronto faces Brooklyn and Washington faces Chicago. Between the three, I give Washington the best chance of winning. Even though Chicago is a tough minded team and battle tested, they don’t have the scoring ability, Washington possess. This could be another coming out party for John Wall and Bradley Beal. 

In all, I’m looking forward to the Eastern Conference Playoffs. We have a good mix of experience and youth, so it will be interesting to see how these games play out. My prediction is that the Miami Heat, despite their flaws, will find a way to win and represent the East in June. Let’s see if the rest of the conference has something to say about that. These are the “Day’s In The East”…

April 16, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress Inside Linebacker Ranking’s

I was able to study a few guys today. The ILB Class is very weak so I decided to just study the five best from that position. I hope you enjoy the ranking’s! 

1. ILB CJ Mosley from Alabama -

A athletic linebacker who doesn’t have a significant weakness. He defends the pass better than the run. Is able to move his hips fluidly and drop into coverage with no problem. I’m not too sure about his lateral quickness but when going down the hill, he’s pretty quick. CJ is definitely a first round talent.

2. ILB Chris Borland from Wisconsin -

I can admit that CJ is better than Chris, but I actually like Chris over CJ. Chris is my type of linebacker. By that, I mean someone who can run down the middle and side to side with no problem and make a play. Chris is very relentless when pursuing the opposition. I love how despite his size (5’11, 248), he is able to hold up while defending the run and do just enough to cover the pass. IMO, he is a future NFL Starter. 

(Like I mentioned earlier, the ILB Class is very weak so I only studied a total of five players. Here is the rest of my list.)

3. ILB Max Bullough from Michigan State.

4. ILB Shayne Skov from Stanford.

5. ILB Preston Brown from Louisville.

April 16, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress Defensive Tackle Rankings

I hope you enjoy the ranking’s, that I put together of the defensive tackle class from the 2014 Draft. I spent two weeks studying film on these guys. Feedback is greatly appreciated! 

1. DT Aaron Donald from Pittsburgh -

After studying his tape, I can see why Donald is considered the #1 DT in the draft. He does a good job stopping the run, rushing the passer and while doing so, he becomes a disruptive force in the middle. I think he will be a natural fit for whatever system he’s in. But personally, I see him more as a 3-4 defensive end.

2. DT Ra’Shede Hageman from Minnesota -

Even though Donald is better, I think Ra’Shede has more potential. First of all, he is bigger (6-5 and 310 compared to Aaron’s 6’0 and 285) and at times more dominant. He can really disrupted the opposing team’s passing game with his ability to over power opponents or quickly beat them off the line. If Ra’Shede can become more consistent and is put in the right scheme, we could be looking like a multi-time Pro Bowler at his position. That’s how much potential, he has!

3. DT Louis Nix III from Notre Dame -

Too be honest, I wasn’t blown away while watching his tape, but I did see a very solid player in Nix III. He seems to do better defending the run than rushing the passer. If so, then he is a good fit as a 3-4 defensive lineman. He has solid size at 6’2 and 331 Pounds and I like his motor. 

4. DT Timmy Jernigan from Florida State -

I can see Timmy excelling on the next level if put in a defense that has stellar talent/leadership around him. Like I said about Nix, Timmy is a very solid player that does better defending the run than rushing the passer. His technique can use more work along with improving his upper body strength. But despite that, he does find a way to beat opponents with his quickness and power from his lower body. 

5. DT Daquan Jones from Penn State -

From what I saw on tape, I think Jones will be a good pick up in the mid round’s. Plays the run and pass very well and is active on every play. Too use a football term he has “a nose for the ball”. When watching his tape, you will see him around the ball close to all times. 

(Below is the rest of the ranking’s from 6-8. It’s pretty much the average and below prospects at their position.) 

6. DT Dominique Early from Florida.

7. DT Kelcy Quarles from South Carolina.

8. DT Brent Urban from Virginia.

April 7, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress Defensive End’s Ranking

For the past week, I’ve studied the ten best defensive end’s from the 2014 NFL Draft. I hope you enjoy the list and look out for more ranking’s, later this week.

1. DE Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina -

Definitely the player that has the most potential in this 2014 Draft Class. So gifted athletically and physically. He will be even better as his skill set develops and he’s put in the right system. Clowney is definitely a 4-3 defensive end who thrives with his hand on the ground. Also contributes to defending the run.

2. DE Kony Early from Missouri -

I really like Early. Has good size at 6-4 and 273 Pounds and plays with it very well. He is a active defender with good athleticism and can thieve in a 4-3 or 3-4 setting. A good enough pass rusher and a good enough run stopper. A team will be lucky to get him in Day Two.

3. DE Stephon Tuitt from Notre Dame -

Tuitt plays more like a defensive tackle than defensive end, but I like his style regardless. I think he will make for a good 3-4 defensive end because of his size (6-5, 304) and ability to stop the run. He also has enough moves to be successful as a pass rusher on the edge. 

4. DE Dee Ford from Clemson - 

A bit under sized at 6-2 and 244 Pounds, but Ford is a good player. He is mostly on the edge but every once in a while, you will find him standing up as a defensive tackle. I wasn’t impressed with his ability to stop the run but he can pass rush with ease and gets around the corner quickly. 

5. DE Scott Crichton from Oregon State -

Scott would make for a solid pro on the next level. He doesn’t excel in one area in particular but he’s pretty solid in all area’s. Is explosive off the line of scrimmage, force turnover’s and has a great motor. 

(Here is the rest of the list. The rest aren’t that good or stand out by any means. I’m just going to rank them for you.)

6. DE Marcus Smith from Louisville. 

7. DE Kareem Martin From North Carolina

8. DE Chris Smith from Arkansas 

9. DE Jeoffrey Pagan from Alabama

10. DE Jackson Jeffcoat from Texas

March 27, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress Interior Offensive Linemen Rankings

This rankings will consistent of the guard’s and center’s, I’ve studied over the past couple of weeks. Instead of doing separate rankings, I’m just going to rank them together and labeled them as interior offensive linemen. I hope you enjoy!

1. OG Xaiver Su’a-Filo from UCLA -

(A powerful guard who can create lanes in the run game and also hold up in pass protection. Will be a good pick up on Day Two.)

2. C Marcus Martin from USC -

(A pretty solid center that can get the job done on the next level. Rarely gets beat in his individual match-up’s. More of a pass protector than run blocker.)

3. OG David Yankey from Stanford -

Possess great size (6-5 and 315) and great strength. Playing for a team like Stanford has helped him tremendously because he’s good in run blocking and mechanically sound. Does a decent job in pass protection too)

4. C Russell Bodine from North Carolina - 

(He reminds me of former Colts Center Jeff Saturday in some ways. Outside of their North Carolina connections, both played at a similar size and with a similar style. Neither excelled at one area but they do things good enough. Show a nasty side when they play. Also can be main-stay’s on their offensive line’s. I like Bodine.)

5. C Weston Richburg from Colorado State -

(Like Bodine, he doesn’t excel in one area but he does a solid job in all areas. Is very consistent.)

6. OG Gabe Jackson from Mississippi State -‘

(A physically gifted guard that can be very good on the next level. Has a nasty side to him and can dominate his match-up. Just has to improve his football IQ.)

7. OG John Urschel from Penn State -

(Wasn’t a very productive player in Penn State or physically imposing, but he is a decent player. Needs to improve his athleticism so he can improve in pass protection. He is a solid run blocker and can create lane for the running game. Likely late Day Three selection.)

8. OG Cyril Richardson from Baylor -

(Cyril has his fair share of positive’s and negative’s. He possess good size (6-4, 329) but is a little slow when it comes to recognizing defensive front’s post snap. Is a powerful guard that is good in the run game but is the opposite of that in pass protection. Cyril does have potential though.)

9. OG Chris Watt from Notre Dame -

Chris possesses some positives when it comes to production and a good health history but he is a average player at best. More of a effort player than a player that is filled with skills. Could be un-drafted.)

10. OG Trai Turner from LSU -

(Trai’s scouting report is the same as Chris Watt’s honestly. Outside of playing in college football’s toughest conference, Trai is just as average as Chris. Trai is a little more physically gifted than Chris but still has a lot of work to do on his game.)

March 15, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress Offensive Tackle Rankings

1. Greg Robinson from Auburn -

Greg is one heck of a prospect. Plays the game with a high intelligence and a dominant presence. His footwork is on point and he excels in both run and pass blocking. He will be a franchise player in the NFL.

2. Taylor Lewan from Michigan -

In Taylor, I see a player who consistently wins his battle at the LOS. Does a good job holding onto his blocks and establishing position after the snap. A legitimate first round pick he is.

3. Jake Matthews from Texas A&M -

I don’t like him as much as I like Greg and Taylor, but I like him enough to put him third. He’s not as physical as the first two, but he wins his match up a lot and does a good job in pass protection. Any quarterback should feel safe with him as their tackle.

4. Zach Martin from Norte Dame -

Zach is a very smart player with some upside. Not a flashy player but he is consistent with his mechanics and often holds up at the LOS. Rarely over-whelmed against opponents. Check his tape vs. Stanford.

5. Cyrus Kouandjo from Alabama -

I think he can use more work on his game, but Cyrus can turn into a solid player in the NFL. He is solid in pass protection but he’s more effective as a run blocker. Likes to make contact with defenders and drive them to the ground. His footwork and hands can be improved though.

6. Joel Bitonio from Nevada -

This guy is flying under the radar during the Draft Process. Has good size (6-4, 302) and plays with a good balance of aggressiveness and intelligence. Joel is also mechanically sound. Will be a solid player in the NFL.

7. Morgan Moses from Virginia - 

For a man that’s 6-6 and 314 Pounds, Mogan’s foot work surprised me. His footwork is so quick, that a edge defender rarely gets by him. He also doesn’t have trouble putting his hands on defenders and re-directs them very well. 

8. Ja’Wuan James from Tennessee -

He is the better tackle between him and Antonio Richardson and you see why on the tape. He is more consistent and dominant and he can contribute via run blocking or pass protection. 

9. Jack Mewhort from Ohio State -

Jack won’t blow you away on tape but you’ll still see a steady player that does his job and has a future in the NFL. IMO, he is better as a run blocker even though his pass blocking skills are above average.  Also has good size (6-6. 309) and experience playing with a mobile quarterback. 

10. Brandon Thomas from Clemson -

Like Mewhort, I consider Thomas to be a steady player who has areas where he excels in. He is a really good pass blocker in thanks to his mechanics. Mostly alert on all times. Brandon can play man!

March 3, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress TE Rankings

1. TE Eric Ebron from North Carolina

2. TE Jace Amaro from Texas Tech

3. TE Troy Niklas from Norte Dame

4. TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins from Washington

5. TE CJ Fiedorowicz from Iowa

6. TE Colt Lyerla from Oregon

February 23, 2014
Here are my predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV tonight…
(The Pre Show match) The Rhodes Brothers vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel
Winners - The Rhodes Brothers

Now time for the official event…
1. Singles Match
Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neal
Winner - Titus O’Neal

2. Intercontinental Championship Match
Champion Big E vs. Jack Swagger
Winner - Big E

3. WWE Tag Team Championship Match 
Champions The New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso’s
Winner - The New Age Outlaws

4. Six Man Tag Team Match
The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family
Winner - The Wyatt Family

5. Singles Match
Batista vs. Albert Del Rio
Winner - Batista

6. Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Cesaro and Christian. 
Winner - Randy Orton

Here are my predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV tonight…

(The Pre Show match) The Rhodes Brothers vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel

Winners - The Rhodes Brothers

Now time for the official event…

1. Singles Match

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neal

Winner - Titus O’Neal

2. Intercontinental Championship Match

Champion Big E vs. Jack Swagger

Winner - Big E

3. WWE Tag Team Championship Match 

Champions The New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso’s

Winner - The New Age Outlaws

4. Six Man Tag Team Match

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

Winner - The Wyatt Family

5. Singles Match

Batista vs. Albert Del Rio

Winner - Batista

6. Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Cesaro and Christian. 

Winner - Randy Orton

February 23, 2014
#ASTDraftExpress WR Rankings…

To continue our NFL Draft Coverage for #ASTDraftExpress, I am evaluating and ranking the 2014 Wide Receiver Class. Let me just say that, this year’s wide receiver class is the most talented I’ve ever seen enter the NFL. This group in general is the most talented from the 2014 Draft. It wasn’t easy making these rankings, but I hope you enjoy them… #ASTDraftExpress

1. WR Sammy Watkins from Clemson -

He is the complete package at the wide receiver position. There isn’t a debate on who’s the best at what he does. Sammy just can’t do no wrong. His route running is really good. I love his acceleration after the catch and he isn’t afraid to be physical with DB’s. For someone who is 6’0, he plays like he’s 6’5 with his ability to win in jump ball situations. Possess strong hands and the rare ability to turn a lot of plays into big ones. This guy is the TRUTH…

2. WR Mike Evans from Texas A&M -

You can’t teach 6’5 and 232 Pounds. You can’t teach the ability to win every jump ball situation, you’re in. Most times they say, the quarterback makes the receiver look good but in Evans’ case, he made QB Johnny Manziel look good on a lot of occasions. His ability to focus on the ball despite multiple defenders around or having to back track, is very impressive. For someone who isn’t “fast”, he does have good acceleration when he has the ball. Route running can use more improvement but it’s good enough for him to be a impact player in his rookie year. Watch out for Mike!

3. WR Marqise Lee from USC -

I really like how Lee plays the game. A gifted route runner who can run any route in the book. Possess good hands and good body control. Is very quick and can reach top speed quickly in open space.

4. WR Odell Beckham Jr from LSU -

This guy is a straight up stud. Regardless of which route he’s running or the coverage that’s in front of him, his speed can’t be contained. Also possess a good pair of hands and is capable of making any catch.

5. WR Brandin Cooks from Oregon State -

This guy might have one of the highest ceilings out of everyone at his position and that’s saying a lot. Even though he’s listed at 5-10 and 185 Pounds, he plays bigger than that. His speed and quickness is tremendous, especially after the catch. His route running and explosion off the line is top notch IMO. Strong hands for a small guy too. He can be a big impact player in his rookie year… just watch!

6. WR Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State -

After watching a few of his game tapes along with performance at the Combine, I think Kelvin can be the next Larry Fitzgerald. There are some similarities between the two receivers. Both have great size (Larry is 6-3 and 218 while Kelvin is 6-5 and 240). Despite their size, both have played in the slot a lot and excelled. The biggest similarities I see between the two is how they play the game and their ability to show up in crunch time. Both players use their size as a advantage and when the end is near, you can expect both of them to make big plays. I like this dude.

7. WR Davante Adams from Fresno State -

I wasn’t “Wow’d” when watching his tape but when I finished studying, I left with a good vibe. Davante is a competitive player who is willing to run through anybody that’s in his way. His natural hands allow him to catch the ball with no problem and his release off the line is on point. Has nice size for the position (6-2 and 212) and should be a regular contributor on the next level.

8. WR Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt - 

In a time, where scouts and fans focus heavily on a player’s athleticism and potential, Jordan Matthew’s game is refreshing to me. He isn’t the fastest or the quickest, but his skill-set is pretty good IMO. I love not only how he runs his routes (nice and low while getting off the line quickly) but how he sells them. Selling a route, especially one that requires a double move is very important. Jordan does a good job selling every movement his body makes when running a certain route. Think of it as a pump fake or when a player jumps into his crossover in basketball. That’s what Jordan Matthews does when running routes. He also shows off good hands and the ability to get the ball at it’s highest point. 

9. WR Jarvis Landry from LSU -

My thoughts on Jarvis might be different from others but oh well. I like Jarvis but I’m not the biggest fan of his. He does show the ability to make tough catches and he plays with a lot of heart, but I’m not sure about his athleticism and route running ability. I think he can be much better, if drafted by the right team and learning from accomplished veterans.

10. WR Allen Robinson from Penn State -

Allen has good size (6-3 and 210 Pounds) but that’s the only good part of his game. I think everything else is solid but can be good if worked upon a lot. From route running to catching to jump ball skills, Allen can be a good player in the NFL. I see him as a Eric Decker type of receiver. Won’t wow you with his athleticism but with his skills, he can. 

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